Endless Frontier

One thing I’ll say upfront is usually when I blog, talk to people, post statuses on facebook, or preach I pull from different resources.  I claim no originality in content, just originality in how it comes out of my brain.  This means that you might get a mish-mash of ideas from different people, processed through my head and presented in how it strikes me.  That being said, the idea of the Endless Frontier is not my own.  I wish it were, but I find it so profound and true that I believe it’s worth sharing secondhand regardless.

The idea is that a life with Christ is an endless frontier.  Basically there is never a time when you arrive and pitch your tent.  There is never a time when you say “I’ve come far enough, I’m setting up shop right here.”  The reason for this is that there is no end to the depths of Christ, His love, His grace, His truth, and all the His’s that we try to contribute to Jesus but still are barely touching the tip of the iceberg with.  The way it was analogized (by Eric Ludy) was that he took voice lessons from a world class singing coach.  After a year of 2 to 3 hours of practice a day he felt pretty good and asked the coach to rate his progress.  The coach asked him how good he was at soccer a month after starting.  Eric said “I stunk.”  The coach said “That’s where you are.”  He then went on to suggest that his response wasn’t reason for despair but reason to continue.  That singing was something that always had room for improvement and training continually would continually make you better.

The same is true with Christianity.  There is never a point when you arrive at the destination until you are either Jesus or dead and in heaven.  So you see, the options are really not options, but rather a “I’ll stop when I die” mentality.  Now some might think this extreme or radical but really if you look in the Bible, it’s just called being a Christian.

The problem is that the Christianity we’re used to is impotent, static, and stale.  The way Mr Ludy describes it is that we as Christians have become settlers, pitching our tent just a little bit further along than society. We compare ourselves to the world and say “I’m better than they are, so let me pitch my tent at that point.”  Instead of looking at the standard of Christ and saying “I’m going to continue to seek Him and allow Him to draw me further and further, deeper and deeper until He tells me to stop” (which by the way won’t happen in this lifetime).  Even if we compare our Christianity to the Christianity of our grandparents or their parents, we would be considered worldly and debase.

The idea is that God has created us to be pioneers.  To forge on into unheard of, unmapped territory that presents all kinds of dangers and threats to our comfort level with the unknown.  But really it’s flesh that kicks and screams and tells us to stay within the lines of reason, keep control, and stick to what you know.  Who have we let define reason though?  Everyone else?  Or God?  Further, what’s sad is instead of being pioneers we are settlers, following the map of everyone else.  We mimic and model.  We act the parts we’ve seen others play (FYI – Hypocrite = actor on the stage of life).  We learn to pray by listening to others, following their map.  We look at the map of other “saints” and follow that.  As a group, Christians have taken the world’s map for entertainment and just put a Christian label on it; including music, movies, creative ideas, and especially business and leadership.  We might die of awkwardness and shock if we instead relied on the creator of the universe for our creativity map!

God is limitless; has no bounds; and delights in us relying on him to do the impossible.  We are fish that wonders if there is enough water in the ocean for us to live in.  Instead we should be sharks, who cannot stop moving or they accept death.  God will continually draw us in, draw us closer to Him, and will use us nonstop for his glory until our lives burn out… if we would only let Him.  Too many of us are not willing to keep going.  Instead we pitch our tent, are satisfied with how far we’ve come, and are glad to be better than most of the rest of the world (in our mind’s eye at least!)  People that want to be the best singers need to practice 6 hours a day, every day from now until forever.  Olympic athletes have to train 6-12 hours a day so they can be the best, every day.  If you want to be the best person, the best husband/wife, and most importantly the best Christian, doesn’t it stand to reason that you have to yield every hour of every day for your whole life to God?  Don’t settle for being a settler, this isn’t Oregon Trail on your middle school Apple IIe.  This is life and Christ has purchased yours with His blood.  To Him be the glory, let’s race in earnest!


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