“Rees Howells: Intercessor”

Rees Howells: IntercessorRees Howells: Intercessor by Norman Grubb – I believe I first heard of this book over a year and a half ago on Nathan Johnson’s blog and then a few times by Eric Ludy and those connected to Ellerslie Mission Society.  I had actually let this book sit on my book shelf, gathering dust since last June when I ordered it.  It was with my zeal to reading this summer that I added this to the list of books I definitely wanted to read.

I really am glad I took the time to read this biography.  Easy to read, but not easy to read in view of your own life, Grubb’s book will have any serious Christ follower saying “I want THAT!”  The life demonstrated by Howells is one that is sometimes odd, but always interesting.  He takes to doing some strange things, but all at the bidding of what he feels the Holy Spirit is having him to do.  Embarrassing himself and others in the process at times, Howells dies out to himself and public opinion throughout the pages of this book.  His one goal is the glory of God and you see that dripping and oozing from each chapter.

If you need a swift kick in the spiritual pants or just some inspiration, this is the book to do so.  It’s a little thicker than the other books I’ve reviewed, but I wouldn’t miss it just because of that.  Prayer and responding to the Spirit are covered en masse in Howells’ life and I certainly enjoyed the view of his life that Grubb gives us.

Radical, sold out to God, and impactful all can be used to describe this man after the heart of God.  Do yourself a favor and spend the $10 and a week or two to read about Rees Howells.


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