“EntreLeadership” Review

EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey – Many of us have heard of Dave Ramsey on the radio, from his books, his website, his training, or other things that all usually deal with finances.  You have the book Financial Peace and the class that I’ve seen many churches doing called Financial Peace University and his book Total Money Makeover.  I’m sure there are others too, but I’m really just listing what I was aware of going into the purchase of his latest book, EntreLeadership.

I also want to disqualify myself and say that I am no leadership expert, nor a leadership book expert, a business expert, or any kind of expert at anything.  As my cousin once put it, “Scott’s not good at anything.”  Ha ha, but regardless I do have a degree in “Leadership & Ministry” which means I had to go through a number of books and discussions on leadership.  I also have a father that worked and consulted in the small business world with enough success to teach me he has a clue what he is talking about; so I listened back years ago when we’d spend weekends playing NHL 94 on the Sega Genesis or NFL 2K on the Dreamcast(o).  Maybe not to everything, but there was a decent amount that “stuck”.

Usually I have a hard time picking up a ton of from leadership books; That has been my experience.   After a while the fact that the book was written in a stuff office in a university, by someone who hadn’t mingled with “commoners” in so long they wore a powdered wig, or by someone who had their own planes, that they lost me somewhere between quoting Zigler or Maxwell and loftily talking about the shine on their ivory tower.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t glean anything from those books nor that they didn’t have good and correct things to say.  Just means my mind wondered what their point was while their words wandered through the academic side of things.

All that to say I thoroughly enjoyed Dave Ramsey’s book to the hilt.  Sure, the chapter on contracts, vendors, and capacity had little insight for me personally where I am, but I now have a droplet of the ocean – enough to point someone else I hear with questions to an excellent source.  The book is jam packed with Ramsey’s stories about how he learned each thing the hard way or by other’s bad examples and he stays open and honest throughout.  His down to earth conversational style in step with his application in business and personal relationship keeps the proverbial reading rainbow airborne, with little to no slowing down for mundane details or cobweb-draped only-works-in-a-vacuum ideals.

He covers vision, mission and goal setting (is there a leadership book that doesnt?) very well, compensation, hiring/firing, legal side of things, marketing, selling, integrity, delegating, how to treat employees, delegation, finances, organization, and on and on.  So it’s a business book about leadership.  Or it’s a leadership book with some business.  Or it’s just all around a great book for anyone.  Pick one that sounds best and that’s it!

So much of a wide array of topics are covered and sprinkled with Dave’s wit, you will be sure to find things you like and use.  Some things might not apply right this second, but other things might be useful today.  Business folks, leaders in areas of influence, Christians, parents, pastors, coaches, and even a leader of kilted militia-men could all benefit from this book; I’m convinced.

I wish I could sit with you and talk more about this book, but since both my readers aren’t local, I’ll suggest you pick it up and take off with the treasure-trove of insight Dave Ramsey shares with us all in EntreLeadership.


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