Ok, I’m giving in…

Ok. Enough. I give up. I can’t take it any more. A man can only take so much. I’m giving in.

I’m… I’m… *gulp* rooting for Tim Tebow. There, I said it.

After years of trying not to like and root for Timothy Richard Tebow (or Tim T-boz as I usually would call him) I can’t hold up the defenses any longer.

Yes, I know he played for the Florida Gators and as an Ohio State fan I can never root for them. Yes, I know he plays for the Denver Broncos who beat my beloved Browns in the AFC Championship game more than once in the late 80’s with the heroics of the big-toothed-one.

But he has climbed to the apex of my gigantic mountain of “yeah but’s” and firmly planted a flag of possession of my admiration and rooting interest. It’s like I’m the sulfuric island of Iwo Jima and he’s the US Marines raising the American flag. The victory is his.

He’s just too likable. First there’s the whole Christian unafraid to share-his-faith, missionary-kid, helping-poor-children-around-the-world-thing. Then there’s the fact that he just keeps winning in football, against everyone’s predictions. He has guts and determination. He’s the underdog. He’s the guy that seems to change everyone who comes in contact with him for the better. Maybe not Kyle Orton this week, but it’ll happen. I watched him last week come within a 29 yard Hail-Mary pass of bringing the Broncos back from huge 2nd half deficit.

I understand some people won’t be able to see that the positives outweigh his less than admirable decisions on which teams he plays for. Others will say he’s just too squeaky clean or they don’t like the Christian aspect of him (that’s a badge of honor for us Christians BTW). Either way, this guy who tried to stay away from the light couldn’t hide any longer.

Tim Tebow is getting my investment of emotional support that I unexplainably offer my sports teams. I now care how you do in Denver and in life. Although that may not shift the richter scale anywhere else; it’s about an 8.5 in this household. God bless you Tim T-boz; God bless you.


2 thoughts on “Ok, I’m giving in…

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  1. The big toothed one! That is too funny! My dad always use to call him horse mouth 🙂 Yeah it is hard to root against the guy when he exhibits so much leadership and class on and off the field.

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