Submit! The end is nigh…

Usually when you think of a street corner, sandwich board wearing, street evangelist, we think of the word repent.  “Repent, the end is near!” is what I always think of.  Sometimes I think of nigh instead of near, but it depends on how much of the Queen’s English has been within earshot lately or if I’ve been reading the King James Version of the Bible.

But I submit to you, dear reader, that really there is a submitting that actually needs to take place before the repenting can even commence.  Some people call it surrendering and others call it a realization that your way isn’t making you fulfilled and happy, but it comes down to submitting.  Then as you begin your new life with Bible in hand and Spirit of God in you, you submit again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  And again.

What makes up submission time and again is a dying out to your self-held rights.  You perceive yourself as having the right to do whatever you want.  God has given us the free will and the decision making capacity to do so.  But, if you want to live in agreement with God, then you must first submit that living however you want isn’t of the utmost benefit nor is it in agreement with God’s righteousness displayed through His Law.  So you have to submit that there is a high standard, a bar of “rightness” that is set to which all other things are measured.  Otherwise, God cannot help you or save you and preserve your free will.  Your sin (transgressions against God, and subsequently his Law) keeps you separated from God and his offer of salvation. [1] [2]

As you grow you continually are submitting to God.  Faith is trusting Him and submitting to His will – saying time and again that you trust that His ways are good and will ultimately be the best for you.   You also are saying that God knows best how to get glory for himself out of your life when you surrender and submit to His plans for you and your life.

Sure, you can stomp your feet and say “I don’t want to!  I didn’t become an adult just to be under someone else’s rules,” but that’s a skewed view of what God wants for you.  God wants to guide and direct you and Jesus’ life was given so you could be free to do what is good.  When you accept the gift of Christ’s saving sacrifice for you, submitting to His ways above yours, you step into Christ and He into you through His Spirit, allowing Him to live in and through which results in you living above rules and regulations.  Jesus’ life flows through you and the price he paid paves the way for you live a life of righteousness.  And it all comes down to if you’ll submit.

It’s true in life and marriage too.  People chafe at the “wives, submit to your husbands” text in the Bible because it’s been abused by ignorant men and because it’s ripped from it’s context and not understood.  Many people in leadership and even in the pews at churches ignore the Bible’s call to submit to earthly authority in and out of the church.

Usually though it’s because they have the “right to do _____.”  “I have the right to sue them, they did this to me.”  “I have the right to be mad, he called me fat/stupid/dumb/lazy.”  “I have every right to put her down after the way she treated me!”  “They did this to me and I have the right to hold it against them.”  “They don’t deserve what I gave them, I deserved at least a ‘Thank you’.”

Those all may be true, but it’s a submission to God’s way which says you are to be sheep and think of yourself no higher than anyone else.  That doesn’t mean you’re a door mat, but that being a door mat isn’t your concern; rather being completely drawn to and motivated by Jesus Christ and HIS WAY.  You actually lay down your rights, submitting to the fact that He is God, He created the earth, everything in it, you, and every one else, and He actually knows more than you do and never misses the forest for the trees.  He’s capable of handling every situation and interested in your life, loving you, giving you every part of who He is to actually indwell you… if only you’ll submit, surrender, and give up control… if only the pride of independence can be pushed aside enough for God to come in…  You have to submit to Him before submitting to others will flow out of that relationship.

Your rights or the righteousness of Jesus Christ?  Until you submit to Him you will not know Him.  Will you let him in or will your pride keep Him at arm’s length?

Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” 


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