What’s in the Bible

What’s in the Bible? from Phil Vischer and JellyTelly – I recently stumbled across someone else who reviewed christian books and although I didn’t agree with all his reviews, I found a review he did for this new kids series called “What’s in the Bible? with Buck Denver.”  After reading some more reviews and watching some YouTube clips of the show, my wife and I agreed we had to pick up the 6 disk set for home and church use.

First, if you know anything about the story of Phil Vischer and how he created and then lost VeggieTales, it’s a good comeback story to see him putting his talent into something new.

Second, if you want something a little more heavy then just a “this is the moral of the story” narrative for your kids, then you’ve come to the right place.  “What’s in the Bible?” (WITB) is packed with all kinds of learning that isn’t covered in most of your children’s OR your adult’s sunday school classes.  With references in Volume 1 to the Septuagint, the Apocrypha, and the Pentateuch, you can guarantee kids will be exposed to more than “it’s not nice to lie.”  (Which it’s indeed not nice to lie, but this has messages like that and more.)

There are 2 versions of the DVDs, one that includes curriculum for church use and one for home use.  One is about $300 for all 6 volumes available and the other is about $60 for all 6 volumes.

I am by no means an expert on what kids watch or other curriculum available to churches, but I am throwing the heft of my support (and there’s a lot) behind WITB.  Too many times we want things to occupy time for our children and this series takes an approach I can better agree with in that we don’t shy away from the deep-ended stuff.  I would think if you familiarize kids with something beyond surface level Christianity, then as they grow into young adults and adults, they won’t have such a hard time adjusting.  Sure there are puppets, computer animation, and popsicle stick theater (my favorite!) but this method does not come at the cost of the message.

If you buy these for your kids or your kids program, you will not be disappointed with the material.  One reviewer I read said he could see how repeated watchings for kids at home would be the best environment, as there’s a ton of knowledge to take in.  So if you like learning for kids and such things, this is one set that should be towards the top of your “Must Have” list for 2011/2012.

Here are a couple clips:


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