One sided

Do you ever feel like you’re in a one sided relationship with someone?  Maybe it’s a friendship from high school, college, or just someone you’ve met throughout your life, but I tend to think we’ve all experienced this.

What I mean by one sided is that you are the one that has to put in the effort to keep the friendship going.  They never call, never travel to see you, never shoot you a text or an e-mail.  Now, if something goes terribly wrong or they have the best news ever, then you might hear from them so they can tell you all about it.  If you’re a good friend this might not bother you and you might just chalk it up to that’s just how they are.

The funny part of it is they say things like “I miss you so much, why haven’t you called? Why haven’t you come to visit?” and so on.  You might feel a little guilty and respond but they never seem aware that they never call and they never come visit either.  So you start to wonder if they miss you, just the idea of you, or just how it made them feel special for you putting in so much effort to be friends with them.

(The truth most of us aren’t the perfect friends we’d like to be to every single person.  As easy as it is to identify people like this, I know I have been this type of friend before as well.  To someone right now, they may see me as this type of friend. So bear with me as making you feel guilty isn’t my point…)

The point is, are you that person to God?  Do you talk about how great friends you are, how you have a great relationship with God but really it’s just the idea of all that?  Do you only pray when you’re in trouble and only give thanks when something wonderful happens?  Do you wait until you’re spiritually parched to cry out “God where are?  I miss you!  Why haven’t you visited me lately?”  Do you live a life in a way that is devoid of God but then you request prayer for things you think would make you happy?  Is God a good luck charm or genie to grant wishes, fulfill preferences of our fleeting taste for gratification?  Are we trying to spend the grace of God to obtain happiness in 5 minute chunks?

Is your relationship one sided with the Lord God Almighty, creator and author of everything?  I challenge you to seek God in a new way, where the life of Christ is your lifeblood and He lives in and through every action of who you are.  Where people see Jesus radiating in every word spoken, every attitude you have, and the things that occupy your time.  Sure, it’ll be one-sided because He gives you peace, gives you love, gives you joy, and is transforming you through the work of the Holy Spirit; but not completely because you, in repentance, give him your sins, in covenant of communion give Him your life to use for his glory, and respond to Him in obedience.  He then does the work and really you’re nothing more than an instrument for Him to give Himself glory. I think that’s the one sided relationship God is looking for in you today, tomorrow, this year and this lifetime.


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