Repost: The abortion-adoption correlation

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken time to blog but I feel that may be changing soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d repost my most visited post from August of last year. Feel free to share, comment, disagree or send cash.

Most Christians in the moderate to conservative realm of things seem to have no problem denouncing abortion. The protecting of a life that God has known, created, and formed is something that Christians rally around. The logic most take is that the choice was made with the known possibility of that outcome when the choice to have sex was made. We like to talk about alternatives to abortion such as either raising the child or giving it up for adoption. There’s the first tent post.

Psalm 68:5 says “A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, Is God in His holy habitation.” (NASB). I heard a few months back Eric Ludy talk about this and saying that as the Body of Christ, the Church’s responsibility is to be that on Earth. If we are to represent Christ to the world, come under the banner of “Christian” or “Christ follower” (or whatever title you identify with most), and we are the hands and feet of Jesus, it is our call to be that to kids the world over.

So Ps. 68:5 isn’t just a warm fuzzy promise to make us feel good (although it is a promise which we can stand on) it is a revelation of the heart of God. Isn’t that what the Word of God is, both written (Bible) and living (Jesus); God revealing more of Himself to us? You might be thinking ok, so God cares about orphans, I get it. There’s the second tent post.

How many of us, however, see these as holding up the same tent? Maybe my illustration isn’t the best, but how many of us will debate for, argue for, and protest for the first but not even consider the second? How can we with a clear conscience think that it is our “job as Christians” (as many will agree) to fight for the life of the unborn, but yet not see it through to the end? How many of us are vocal against abortion but silent for orphans? foster care? and other programs?

I believe we need to pray about what God is desiring us to do on both fronts, not just the first. Many times I think it is easy for us to support an idea, but that means then that we can’t just leave it with that. We need to understand the implications of what we are so strongly in support for and then just as earnestly support the results. Whether that’s adoption, fostering, sponsoring, donating, prayer, or some combination I don’t see God desiring us to leave it at a “warm fuzzy” thought.

I pray His heart becomes ours; His mind becomes ours; and His burdens become ours in a real way that will cause us to respond in whatever way He lays on each one of us.


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