Whoa, man!

Most of the time when you hear people talking about the state of things, it’s usually on a macro level.  By this I mean it’s usually about the problems with the world, or our country, or the state, or even down to our city, church, or place of business.  (There are times we’re a little more personal but that’s been addressed 1000 times over, I think.)

We like to say easy rallying points like “This country needs God back in it!  Our schools need prayer again! ”  Those are statements that for most Christians are easy to agree with.  What do we accomplish with these statements though?  Are we identifying a problem that no one recognizes?  Saying these things by and large don’t cost us anything aside from blank stares from people who disagree with the statements.

Maybe we focus on the macro because we feel powerless to change it.  Maybe we focus on things with general, vague, and a largeness to them because others do not hold us personally accountable for the state of these things.  But although I don’t think recognizing problems with the larger organism/organization is wrong, I think never moving beyond that, is.

That’s where my “Whoa, man!” comes in.

We need to move beyond recognizing a problem with the macro, with which we have no control over, and instead look to the micro or personal, where we can make changes.

If you think the schools need to get prayer back into them, let me ask you, how have you made this a reality in your home?  In your house?  In areas of your life that you CAN affect change?

If you think this country needs more God in it, answer first, how this is a reality in your life?  In your home?  In your relationships? In your business dealings?

The personal accountability you and others hold you to for your own life speak louder than yelling at a faceless “our country” with a megaphone.  If you have convictions about how things should be, how is that becoming a reality in your own life?

Doing that will come at a cost because it will require you to be honest with yourself and God.  Making it a reality first in your own life and sphere of influence will impact others and change things on a micro level.  Eventually, enough micros change and the macro is different.

You can worry about what everyone else is doing, criticize the group for doing things wrong, but you’d achieve just as much as not saying anything.  The only thing you speaking in generalities does is make you feel good because at least you said something.

Well, like they say, “talk is cheap.”  Let’s talk when you are part of the solution.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. We spend way too much time picking sides and developing opinions instead of picking up our lives and developing moral behavior in the home. How about listening and reading less Focus on the Family….and focus on our family instead. I get really tired of all the useless Christian activism that does nothing but show the cracks in our own development when someone turns the heat up. Its embarrassing and does nothing but undermine the Great Commission. Its fine to stand on our beliefs, just make sure we have something to stand on first.

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