Top 5 & Bottom 5 Blog Posts

I thought it’d be interesting and go back and look at my top 5 or 10 blog posts based on views.  Then I started thinking to myself, “Self, what are my least viewed posts?”  So, without further ado, I give you my top and bottom 5, based on number of views (try not to be insanely jealous of my traffic)!

Top 5:

  1. Submit! The end is nigh – 479 views (mostly because people search Google and find the picture on that post)
  2. The Adoption Abortion Correlation – 49 views
  3. “Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate” review – 44 views
  4. The Roller Coaster I’m on – 37 views (tie)
  5. “EntreLeadership” review – 37 views (tie)

Bottom 5

  1. Where am I? Who am I? – 2 views (tie)
  2. Public Rebuke? Ouch! – 2 views (tie)
  3. Compassion’s Root – 2 views (tie)
  4. Scare-cited – 4 views (tie)
  5. King Comfort – 4 views (tie)

I think I may have to thank my Dad and wife for giving me at least 2 of the views on most of these, even my bottom 5!


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