Beholding the mess

My last post talked about the world behold and what it really meant.  Beholding something is taking it all in for what it is, experiencing it with your senses, intellect, and emotions.  Beholding is beginning to grasp and understand something extraordinary.

Something that everyone of us has experienced is the beholding of the “mess” of life.  The bad things happening to good people.  The times when it seems like nothing can go right.  The drought, the poverty, the pain, the suffering, the sickness, the anxiety, the broken relationships, the hurt feelings, the physical and emotional scars, the emptiness, the failure, the cancer, the AIDS, et al… the brokenness of our world.

What’s wrong in this life can be suffocating and overwhelmed when beheld.  When we experience it, at what we perceive, at its worst we can become desperate.  That may be different for every person, but the truth is we have beheld the chaos and wrong that seemingly incessantly swirl around us and can come from every angle.

Many of us have wrestled with the “mess” and decided to shut off or redirect our senses from beholding the enormity of it all.  It’s larger than life at times.  We want to redirect our attention or shut it off.  It’s too much to bear alone.  Many times we make decisions about bringing children into a world with so much mess because we have beheld it and it was almost crushing.

We turn into survivors.  We look to survive the “mess” of the world, of this life, and make it through and hope that some how either it will get better or we accept it and ignore it.

This is why I believe, we as a culture, are infatuated with distractions; entertainment, work, vacations, go-go-go, don’t stop to get sucked into the “mess”.  They distract our senses from the overwhelming “mess”.

It’s a darkness that can engulf, swallowing up hope and any chance of true good.  So we trade off the hope for good for stories that talk about good and make our hearts feel lifted.  We accept mediocre versions good, which are usually just not as bad, and applaud it because we can accept it.  We play games that give us the feeling of being a part of something bigger, of rescuing the human race, but they have no impact on real life.

We survive on comfort and distractions.  The reality of life is often too much to bear because we have beheld the “mess”, experienced its unforgiving nature, and said “I’m going to make the best of a bad situation.”  We are afraid to stop and let reality creep in; we have made boredom the worst scenario, deploring it for causing our mind to wander… making it possible to behold the “mess” again.

What of the “mess” have you beheld?  Is making the best of it really the best?  Feel free to comment

(more on beholding coming later)


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