Demonstrating God through the BHAG

I heard the acronym BHAG (pronounced BEE-hag) for the first time almost a month ago.  It was first coined by James Collins in the context of business and leadership and stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal (read more about that here)

I love words that sound funny but also strike a chord in me.  Words like spikenard, pistikos, and BHAG.  What I love about BHAG is just the picture it evokes in the imagination and the purpose it has.  To be a rallying point that ultimately has the power to change an organization forever.

Even though it is normally a 10 to 30 year vision of what can be, I really have been rolling it around in my mind for what BHAGs I have in my life and the ministry God has called me to.   What Big Hair Audacious Goal am I running alongside others towards, leading others towards, encouraging others towards?   It’s ultimately and primarily God through the Way of Jesus Christ but what does that look like for us right now?

Then it hit me.  I have a Big Hairy Audacious GOD that is so much bigger and audaciouser than any thing I can possibly imagine.  He is faithful and abundantly never ending in resources; things like power, grace, peace, holiness, joy, righteousness, and love.

The implications of this in any BHAG I may feel led to, are astounding and laughable.  I have two big things I am in the process of laying out, planning, and starting very soon that have already been knocked by others.

One is so small right now but has the potential to change the very heart of a people, the focus of an organization, and accomplish more for the Kingdom in the long run than I have personally seen before.  It’s already been minimized and dismissed.  It just makes me smile.  Please, underestimate my BIg Hairy Audacious God and allow Him to demonstrate Himself on such a grand scale that you and I both can be awed by Him.

The other is small too, but the goal is something that I’ve already heard was nearly impossible and probably unrealistic.  This was discouraging at first, but now it’s growing excitement within me.  It has quickly become a BHAG that I can easily see it stretching and growing people in their faith as God, the Father and Creator of all, demonstrates His faithfulness.  They say “impossible” and He says “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

I am excited, I am thrilled, I am smiling like an idiot.  These BHAGs that started as dreams are being stepped into with faith.  Oh God, won’t your demonstrate the Big Hairy Audaciousness of who you are on the stage of our lives?!

In what ways does God want to demonstrate Himself in your life?  In what areas does He still need access to in your life to do big things?

(I don’t know that God is hairy, but I imagine our heavenly father with hairy arms and chest.  Please don’t get hung up on this if you don’t imagine God as hairy)


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  1. If nothing else, what He leads us into us “hairy” to us if we look at it through human eyes. He is SO MUCH MORE than we can ever grasp….it just makes sense that what and where He leads us would blow our minds as well

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