VeggieTales NOAH’S ARK – Review and GIVEAWAY

Imagine a world where vegetables build an ark made of wood from a fruit bearing tree, that is in the shape of a slice of that fruit, and the animals inside have an Old Testament version of Kalahari Water Resort to spend the duration of the rains and floods with Noah and his family.

Whether you can imagine it or not, your need for it stay in your mind is no more!  Dreamworks Animation has delivered a new VeggieTales adventure that happens in the context of the above paragraph.  The subtitle of this movie is “A Lesson in Trusting God” and you see that throughout the movie again and again.

Noah's Ark 1The general story is as Shem (voiced by Wayne Brady) and his new wife Sadie (voiced by Jaci Velasquez) return from their honeymoon they come face to face with Noah’s project giant ship being built in the exact place Shem had planned to start his new life.  He constantly questions the reasoning behind the plan and if he can add to the plan for the ark, but doesn’t embrace the plan from God until later in the film.  This is all set on the backdrop of the general story of the ark.

There is the typical VeggieTales humor and even a silly songs piece in the middle, but generally if you’ve seen a VeggieTales movie before you know what to expect from one of their movies.  Now that doesn’t mean it won’t entertain the little ones – my 2 1/2 year old has sat through the majority of it more than once.

So this movie is great for kids.  It had some humorous places for adults as well, but I found it on par with most kids shows where I wasn’t engaged the whole time.  No problem, as I’m not the target audience!

Some purists may have a beef with varying from the Biblical account in a few ways, but I think you may be missing the point of the story.  That doesn’t make you wrong – that just may mean you won’t enjoy it.

Noah's Ark 3Like I said though, if you have kids that enjoy cartoons, especially ones that enjoy VeggieTales, then this movie is a fun animated adaptation of the story in the Bible.  It had some different takes on things from a VeggieTales standpoint that kept it fresh and the subtext of trusting God was a good message to hang around even after the movie stopped.  I think kids will enjoy the movie and the parents will enjoy the message!

For the GIVEAWAY! Comment below what you remember most about Noah’s Ark from when you were a kid.  I will let select 1 lucky commenter (or maybe it’s commentator) to win a free DVD copy of this movie that releases on Tuesday, March 3 at retailers everywhere and for digital download.

** I was provided a free copy of this movie from Grace Hill Media and Dreamworks Animation.  I was asked to write a review and given a second copy of the DVD to give away.  Thank you GHM and Dreamworks Animation!

*** Randomized Winner Has Been Picked (after randomizing 40 times)!  Lisa Jennings was our winner!  Congrats Lisa!! random


22 thoughts on “VeggieTales NOAH’S ARK – Review and GIVEAWAY

  1. Camp songs! “Noah, he built them, he built them an ark-y, ark-y, children of the Lord. So, ri-ise, and shi-ine, and give God your glory, glory…”

  2. im sure my toddler would love it! The thing I remember most from childhood is my grandmother acting out bible stories on her felt board. Being an animal lover, the many, many animals were always my favorite parts!

  3. as I kid I simply new Noah built a big boat, because God made it rain!

    We love veggie tales!

  4. I think my kids would really enjoy this. I was raised catholic so I don’t remember a lot early on. But when I got older and became babtist I started working in the daycare. The kids loved the movies and were so excited to learn. I want that for my kids.

  5. When I was younger I remember all the animals that were on boards and how they had to gather each pair. My little boy thinks they got them in with treats like we do to get the dogs to do stuff.

  6. I remember learning that the animals all came to the boat and stumping the teacher with a question of what they ate! I can’t wait to see the Veggietales story of the event!

  7. I always remember thinking how cool it would have been to see all the pairs of animals and how they would get along. Also the songs from Sunday school we used to sing about Noah’s ark were so much fun.

  8. Noah and his family were spared because they weren’t evil like the rest of the population.

  9. I LOVE Noah’s ark! I remember going to VBS learning about Noah. I was completely in awe of how Noah didn’t hesitate to listen when God told him to build the ark. I also love when the dove finds the olive branch.

  10. I don’t remember a lot of the story from my childhood, as my religious upbringing wasn’t very strong, but I do remember wondering why the animals didn’t eat each other! 🙂

  11. I remember most that there were only two of every animal except the ones for sacrifice. Also the immense size of the ark always amazed me.

  12. The kids would love the Veggie Tales version of Noah’s Ark! To get the 4-1/2-year-old to tolerate it but the girls would love it!

  13. My *favorite* Noah’s Ark memory is when our church threw a party where everyone had to dress up as animals from the ark. My brother and I were skunks and the favorites from the party! 🙂

  14. I can remember the ark being compared to the length of football fields for size reference, so I always pictured Noah bulding it on top of several football fields. 🙂 Obviously, the animals showed up in jerseys, pads, and helmets…

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